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From The Desk Of Tyler Pratt
Tuesday, August 4th, 2015

Dear Friend,

If you want to start making real money promoting CPA offers, but have little experience, no money, and no promotional skills then this will be the most important letter you'll ever read.

But before we continue

It you are similar to what I have gone through, you probably...

  • You have purchased every CPA marketing "how to course" out there only find out they are a waste of money, time and complete junk.
  • Tired of all the big shot gurus telling you how easy it is to “push a few buttons and make millions with cpa offers” especially since you have been trying everything with no results.
  • Been given advice from the so called experts only to find out they didn't work because they keep the good secrets to themselves.


So Lets Get Real Here

If you have tried and failed at promoting and making money with CPA offers then stick around here because I have some very important information for you.

My name is Tyler Pratt and I have ask you this question

Have you tried CPA marketing and your confused, unsure what to do,  and just a little frustrated with your lack of results?

Struggling to just make your first $50 day with CPA offers?

Are you spending all your time on outdated CPA techniques?

Wasting all your money on push button software that promises you riches overnight?

If you answered Yes to any of those questions I understand your pain, but don't feel bad.

You're not alone, I have been there and gone through all that.

Just like your are struggling now, I have also been down that road.

Wasting money I didn't have on PPC advertising promoting CPA offers with little or no results.

After many years of struggling I was about to give up and quit.  I wanted to end all this pain and struggle and just throw in the towel of defeat, until I ran into an old buddy of mine named Mark.   

Mark and I spent a few hours catching up and he then started to talk about how he is making 5 and 6 figures monthly with CPA offers.

Naturally I had to find out what he was doing, so I asked him.

As Mark was explaining his formula for CPA success I couldn't help to think that it was so simple, but yet also thinking it was just a scam like all the others before.

But What Mark Told Me Next Blew My Mind

Not only did he show me his strategies,  but what blew my mind was his “click washing method” to build an audience with $.01 clicks.      

The best part of this method is you can do the same.

And believe me when I say.

  • No Experience Required
  • No Technical Skill Needed
  • No Large Marketing Budget Needed
  • No Copywriting Skills Required
  • No List Is NeededNo SEO is Required

How would like to start making $100 a day, $1,000 a day for a year or more Forever?  And do it all from home working less than 30 minutes a day in your spare time?

What would an extra $3,000 per week do for you and your family?    

How much of a difference would that kind of extra money do for you lifestyle?

My guess is there would be less fear, stress and worry in your life.

How about more traffic to your CPA offers than you could handle?

Almost sounds to good to be true huh?

Well I can tell you that it is True.   

And I can show you step by step the same “click washing method” Mark showed me.      

When I started using this method to pump targeted traffic to my offers I was finally in the $10k a month with CPA marketing.


$100 A Day With CPA

Why $100 A Day With CPA is Better Than Any Other CPA Course In The Market Today?

  • We uncover a traffic source for you which is so secret most top gurus don't even know about it.
  • We show You our top CPA offer, the network and why it converts at 50% plus
  • We give you a formula to make 6 Figures this year without any prior experience
  • We show you how to wash clicks to build an audience that will never go away or unsubscribe
  • We give you the landing page that converts all our traffic into sales
  • We unleash the right techniques for you, to make your CPA offers convert like crazy.
  • We built this training with the Newbie in mind with a step by step plan.
  • We get straight to the point, do this, get this, click this.  No wasting of your time.

Here is What You Get Inside

  • Part 1 - An aerial view of the Funnel we use to wash our clicks and get the most targeted traffic.  This is a diagram that puts the entire method into one picture.
  • Part 2 - Get the ONE offer we use for this method and why it works.  We show you out of the 14 banners you only need 2 and the sizes. Plus you get the exact CPA network.
  • Part 3 - See the exact landing page we use to pump conversions. You will be shocked at how simple it is.   
  • Part 4 - The real secret and magic behind this method.    There is a hidden code you must have on your landing page for this all to work. We explain the location to get this and what to do with it. Without this code nothing will work.
  • Part 5 - This is the $.01 click washing method.   We show you the source, how to set it up, and how to use the banners to pull in the targeted traffic.   This traffic source has been around awhile but not many people understand how to exploit it.   
  • Part 6 - This is the last step in the process.   And it's how you can promote CPA offers to a targeted audience that is only yours, over and over 24/7.    No guru is showing you this technique.  I know because I buy all the courses.   
  • Part 7 -  I walk you through some extra (optional) recourse to help you make even more money with your CPA offers

All of these strategies you see above are the same details and methods taught in our $5,000 CPA Coaching program.    

So you can see that you are getting a Goldmine of success by booking your spot with $100 A Day With CPA program today.

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Early Reviews

Brian Utt

This is not the normal course you have seen before. 

Tyler did a great job of exaplining how to getup and running fast even a newbie can understand

The report is writtin in a very easy to fllow format that anyone from zero skill level will underand and be able to start right away. 

Highly recommended 

Charles Allen

I was able to get my hands on this report early and it has opened my eyes up to things I didnt know before.    

Now I am able to build up CPA offers that become profitable.     Tyler has done a great job of makine it super simple to ead and understand.    

This is a must get for this year.   Its traffic that will continue to help you for years to come. 

Annisa Roy

This by far the best traffic to cpa formula that I have seen in a long time.   Usually products are filled with junk.  Tyler gets right to the point,  no fluff.   

I have been making money with CPA for years and this report is what is working Today.   

Get this, you will not be sorry.  


Ask Yourself This Question

“Do You Want To Unleash Hot Traffic From Fresh & Still Untaped 1 Billion Online Users?”

This is one of those moments that appear only once in a while.   

This is a brand new way to drive targeted traffic to CPA offers that 99% of the marketers just don't know about.  And the other Top 1% will not reveal because they don't want give away their CPA goldmine.

Right now there are millions of people very targeted who want to buy your offers.

They will buy from your offers and you will be able to start living the dream life you always wanted.

What is so powerful is you will not be chasing down people.   The traffic is so targeted that people will want your offer because it's so good.    All because of this untapped way to wash and drive clicks to any CPA offer you want.

You could buy traffic from places like Google and Facebook but both of these are getting way to expensive for the average person to tap into.   By trying to find your own targeted audience in both of these networks you will not be able to get a return on your investment.   

But when you know how to wash cheap traffic to build an audience the potential is staggering for what you can do.   The results you get are crazy.

You want to generate more targeted traffic.   You want to make more money.  You want to put a CPA offer and get instant conversions.      Then you must join me in this underground inner circle traffic source.  

Get your CPA offers in front of Millions of people starting today.   

But this offer is going to end soon because if too many people know about it, it will not work anymore.     When all of them have been sold this offer will be coming down.

This Will Be One Of The Best & Easiest CPA Products You Have Ever Come Across

This System is based on working smarter not harder and are the same strategies I use to pull in big CPA commissions.

And Now that system is right in front of you with simple step by step instructions that even a fresh newbie could use and make money quickly.

In fact, if you act fast today you can get this $100 A Day With CPA Access for just $97 $67 $27

Complete your order right now

And remember these words my buddy Mark told me

Never Quit Before The Magic Happens

Your this close to all the Magic
You just need to click on the button now for complete access.
To Your Future Success
Tyler Pratt

P.S. If you are still thinking about making $100 A Day With CPA well this offer will close down when all the reports have been sold out.

P.S.S.  And don't forget my 30 day iron clad guarantee money back.

If you are at the end and still reading then you are interested.   What are you waiting for.   This low price and the offer will not last and will be taken offline soon.

You own it to yourself to get the real answers to making money online and then have the ability to finally quit your day job.

And I would hate for you to come back in 5 minutes and see the price rise or worse the offer is closed.

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